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Are House Part Exchange Schemes a Good Idea?

Selling homes is becoming increasingly difficult in some parts of the UK, but builders and developers can now offer house part exchange schemes that help their customers move quicker.

Do your customers keep getting caught up in a slow-moving chain or fall victim to a chain collapse? If you are a builder, developer or estate agent did you know you can offer your clients the convenience of a part-exchange? Are you struggling to come up with a hassle-free transition that will keep your clients happy and your business growing?

Part Exchange, or PX, is a great way to help your customers buy their new home without the stress and uncertainty of selling their existing home in the volatile UK housing market. This allows them a swift move and enables you to continue to grow your business while keeping your clients satisfied.

Quick Benefits of House Part Exchange Schemes

There are several benefits to using house PX, including:

  • Help your customers buy and sell their homes in one easy transaction.
  • Help customers avoid estate agency fees.
  • Get a fair value for your customers current home.
  • Help clients move to their new home quicker and with far less hassle.

Who Can Benefit from a House Part Exchange?

Any homeowner looking to sell their existing home can take advantage of house part exchange schemes. Whether they are looking to expand their family and need a bigger home, need to downsize for their retirement or just want a change of scenery.

House part exchange schemes can help your customers achieve their dream house move quickly and efficiently, leaving them happy and allowing your business to continue to grow.

Who Is Eligible for House Part Exchange Schemes?

For customers to be eligible for house part exchange schemes, they need to:

  • Fully own the home they wish to sell.
  • The existing property should be worth around 65-80% of the asking price of the new home they wish to buy.
  • The home they wish to sell needs to be structurally sound and in good condition.
  • If the property is leasehold, it needs to be a fixed-term, usually with 80 years or more left on the lease.
  • The location of the property will also be a factor.
  • Uncommon or odd building designs may be rejected.

How Do House Part Exchange Schemes Work?

House part exchange schemes work much like a regular home sale. However, in this scenario, HBB Solutions will be the buyer. Typical house part exchange schemes work like this:

  1. Your customer finds their new home and informs you, the developer.
  2. The developer contacts HBB Solutions and we send local estate agents to the home for independent and fair valuations. We will typically request two or more valuations.
  3. HBB Solutions will then assess the valuation and make the homeowner an offer (subject to a survey).
  4. The customer can then decide if they wish to accept the offer. If happy, they can plan for their mortgage on the new home.
  5. A conveyancing solicitor should then assess the new property.
  6. Once the assessment is all clear, they can exchange contracts on the house within the month.
  7. The customer may need to pay a 10% deposit upon exchanging contracts. Your solicitor will hold onto a portion of this deposit.
  8. When the money is released, you and the customer can finalise the sale.

Completing house part exchange schemes is fairly straightforward and designed to reduce the amount of paperwork, stress and uncertainty of a normal house sale. It can also help you and your customers avoid a broken house chain.

How Common Is House Part Exchange?

The number of people using part exchange housing schemes has increased year on year since 2010. The reason for this rise in popularity is mainly due to builders and developers selling homes to more “second steppers” as the help to buy scheme has become more popular.

In areas of the country where house prices haven’t increased as much and equity is low, part exchange housing has flourished helping people upsize their homes.

Are House Part Exchange Schemes a Good Idea?

Deciding on whether to offer your customers house part exchange schemes depends on their personal circumstances. Before making the decision, it’s worth considering the pros and cons of house part exchange schemes.


  • You and your customer can avoid the stress of the open market.
  • Avoid any agency fees and broken house chains.
  • No time-consuming house viewings.
  • Far less hassle, stress, time and wasted money.
  • Confidence that you can move ahead with your property development plans according to your preferred schedule.
  • Peace of mind knowing the sale of the old property is completely under control and guaranteed to go through.
  • No risk of a sale falling through.
  • Save money with HBB Solution’s commission-free part exchange.
  • Attract more potential buyers to your building services by letting others know you offer PX.


  • Your customer may be offered 5-10% less than the market value for their existing home.
  • Not every person and property is eligible.
  • The current home must be worth at least 65% of the valuation of their new home.
  • Short lease properties may be denied.

The Bottom Line

House part exchange schemes are great for developers or builders that want to help their customers sell their existing house and move into their new home as quickly as possible. A PX will help avoid any of the unwanted delays or costs that commonly occur with regular house sales such as broken house chains, expensive agency fees and the uncertainty of a sale.

A PX allows you to keep your customers happy while simultaneously growing your business. If any of your customers need a quick and smooth sale of their property, a PX could be the best answer. Both builders and developers can benefit from offering a PX to their customers.

Offering successful house part exchange schemes can help increase your value as a builder or developer to your existing customers or potential new clients. House part exchange schemes give you more control over meeting deadlines and more freedom in arranging the time frames of your various projects.

If you are interested in offering part-exchange housing for your customers, contact HBB Solutions today on 01509 680 065 or email us at hello@hbbsolutions.co.uk to speak with one of our professional staff.

There’s no need to worry about the price differential when you choose PX from HBB Solutions. We’ll still purchase a property from your buyer even if they’re downsizing to a smaller house of lesser value, such as a retirement home.