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Our Park Home Part Exchange Service

Our Park Home Part Exchange Service

HBB Solutions’ park home part exchange service lets your customer buy their new park home using the funds from selling their existing property.
We work with you, the park homes provider, to make the service hassle free, quick and easy with no upfront fees to pay and no risk of the sale falling through.

For more information, contact: dean@hbbsolutions.co.uk

HBB Solutions all about Part Exchange

Hassle-Free, Quick and Easy

More than 250,000 people in the UK live in park homes, and they are becoming increasingly popular. Many housing providers are turning to this type of development as a lucrative source of income. Attracting interested buyers is no problem, but what if your customer needs to sell their current property before buying your park home, and they’re having no luck?

HBB Solutions’ park home part exchange (PX) service removes the hassle and delays involved in selling a property on the open market. You won’t have to wait for your customer to find a buyer for their existing property before they can buy your park home, allowing you to keep your development plans on track.

Our part exchange specialists will work with you to deliver a quick, easy and hassle-free service. There are no up-front fees to pay and there’s no risk of the sale falling through. We’ll provide all the information you need — including how much we’ll offer for your customer’s home and when completion will take place — allowing you to focus on sealing the deal. Once the deal is agreed upon, leave the rest to us. We’ll keep in touch throughout the process and work towards your customer’s preferred timescale.

HBB Solutions has been operating as a part exchange specialist for 20 years. We understand how important it is for developers to meet their project milestones, and we can help you achieve them. Take the first step towards a more streamlined approach to selling your park homes by requesting a free consultation today.

You Benefit From:

Partnering with HBB Solutions offers a range of benefits for park home providers. We’ll take care of everything leaving you to focus on agreeing on a deal with your customer.

  • A faster sales process with fewer delays — avoid a long wait while your customer sells their existing property.
  • A risk-free sale — avoid the risk of a sale falling through; a common occurrence with house sales on the open market.
  • No up-front fees — there is no cost to you for offering the service (whether you have 1 or 100 park homes to sell).
  • No risk to your balance sheet — there’ll be no movement in property values to worry about.
  • Certainty — we’ll make sure you have all the information you need when putting a deal together, including how much we’ll offer and when we’ll complete, letting you focus on putting the deal together for your customer.
  • Total control of the sale — we work in the background and let you liaise with the customer.
  • Keep your capital working for you — rather than tying it up in buying and selling housing stock.
  • Flexibility — our PX service is suitable for any property type, condition or location.
  • White label offerings — if this is your preference.
  • An attractive marketing tool — offering PX provides added value for your customers, helping you to retain existing clients and attract new ones.
  • Peace of mind — we have more than 15-years experience working with park homes providers. You can trust our dedicated park homes team to deliver a seamless purchase process..
  • Support from start to finish — our amazing team of specialists will be there every step of the way.

Request a free consultation today to find out how we can help you get the most from PX.

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Your Customer Benefits From:

  • Speed we turnaround offers in two days.
  • Convenience — no stressful viewings or estate agent visits.
  • No estate agent fees an attractive proposition for your customer!
  • Flexibility — our PX service works for any property type, condition or location.
  • Release up to 10% of funds on exchange — your customer can take their time making the move to their new park home.

How Our Part Exchange on Park Homes Works

Our team will make the process as streamlined, quick and hassle-free as possible — for you and your customer.

  1. Share property details with us.
    You send us basic details of the property you want us to make an offer on.
  2. We make an offer.
    We research the property and local market and then make an offer to buy. Our offer is typically 90% of the “6-week” valuation price of the property.
  3. You make the deal, we instruct lawyers.
    You put the deal together for your customer. If they are interested in proceeding then we will instruct lawyers, and we may ask for an RICS survey on the property to check its condition is as expected.
  4. Agree on exchange and completion dates.
    We agree to an exchange and completion date with your customer and then the transaction proceeds as any normal house sale would.
  5. We release 10% of funds.
    On exchange, we can release 10% of funds, and we can grant a “license to occupy” to your customer for up to two weeks, allowing them to plan their move in their preferred timescale.

We’ll keep you updated every step of the way and leave you to liaise directly with your customer.

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HBB Solutions is the PX provider of choice for hundreds of property developers and builders throughout the UK. We have built a reputation for being easy to deal with, honest and efficient deal-makers. Contact us today to find out how we can help you sell more park homes.