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Are you looking for new ways to attract buyers for your park homes? HBB Solution’s park home part-exchange service allows your customers to sell their existing property and buy a park home from you in one smooth, swift and stress-free transaction. Both you and your customers can avoid the delays and hassle involved in selling on the open market. You won’t have to wait as your customers struggle to find buyers for their current home — with PX, they will become chain-free buyers — allowing you to keep your sales plans on track.

HBB Solutions all about Part Exchange

Added Value for Your Customer

Adding value to the service you provide is one of the most effective ways of growing a small business. If you’ve not used a part-exchange (PX) scheme before, our friendly team of part-exchange specialists will work with you to develop a service that suits your needs and those of your customers. We’ll make sure that the service is hassle-free, quick and easy. 

There are no fees for your customers to pay up-front and there’s no risk of a failed sale — a common occurrence when selling on the open market. Our service is fast and flexible — we offer PX on any property type, condition or location (in England and Wales) and can turnaround an offer in two days.

As Much Expert Support as You Need

By choosing HBB Solutions as your PX partner, you and your customer will have support every step of the way. Our specialists can take care of the entire customer-management process, including liaising directly with customers to put together their perfect PX packages, leaving you to focus on developing the business and making new sales. All we need from you is an introduction, and we’ll do the rest. Or if you prefer, we can operate in the background to ensure everything runs smoothly, leaving you to interact with clients. We will be guided by you to develop a bespoke service that meets the needs of your business.

Contact us today to discuss your needs with our PX specialist, Rebecca Tait.  Rebecca has many years experience in the park homes sector and will listen to your requirements and create a service tailored to your business.

Benefits for Your Customer

  • Speed — we turnaround offers in two days, there is no waiting for a buyer and no risk of delays due to problem property chains.
  • Convenience — avoid stressful viewings, a prolonged sales process and estate agent visits.
  • No upfront costs or estate agents’ fees — there are no upfront costs for the provider or the customer and there’s no need for an estate agent. If your customer chooses to use our recommended solicitor, there will be no fee to pay.
  • Flexibility — our PX service is suitable for any property type, condition or location (in England and Wales).
  • Certainty — unlike selling on the open market where property chains often cause problems, there is no risk of the sale falling through.
  • Safety — we operate entirely remotely so customers do not have to invite estate agents or strangers into their homes for viewings.
  • Move on their time scale — we can release up to 10% of the funds on the exchange, allowing your customers to pay the deposit on their new park home and take their time moving.
  • Expert support — our team of property professionals can support customers through every step of the process.

Benefits for Your Business

  • A faster sales process — no need to wait for your customers to sell their current properties.
  • A risk-free sale — sell to a chain-free buyer and avoid the risk of a failed sale due to the property chain collapsing.
  • No upfront fees — there’s no cost to you for offering customers this service.
  • No risk to your balance sheet — there’ll be no movement in property values to worry about.
  • Certainty — we will provide all the information you need to agree on a deal with the customer, and we will be transparent about how much we’ll offer and when we will complete.
  • You control the sale — we will provide as much or as little support as you need.
  • Attract new buyers — offering PX adds value for your customers.
  • White-label offerings — if this is your preference. 
  • Flexibility — our PX scheme will work for all types of property in any condition or location in England or Wales.
  • Keep your capital working for you — rather than tying it up in buying and selling housing stock.

How Part Exchange Works

HBB Solutions offers a fully managed PX service — we’ll make the process as streamlined, quick and hassle-free as possible, leaving you to focus on developing the business

  • Introduce us to a prospective customer — we will explain how the PX service works and gather details about their existing property.
  • We make your customer an offer — based on the property details provided and our market research, we will make an offer within 48-hours.
  • We instruct legal professionals and organise a survey — if the client is happy with our offer.
  • We make a final offer — the offer will only change from the original figure if something materially adverse is uncovered.
  • We agree to exchange and completion dates — and proceed to buy the customer’s existing property. We can release up to 10% of the proceeds on the exchange of contract (which can act as a deposit on the park home).

We will keep you, the park home provider, up to speed throughout the process. We can negotiate any discounts or top-ups you are able to offer the customer to make sure that everyone is happy with the agreed deal.


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Next Steps

Our managed PX service is simple, quick and involves no cost or risk to you, the park home provider. Both you and your customers will avoid the delays and disappointments of selling on the open market. Selling to a chain-free buyer will allow you to meet development targets and focus on achieving more sales to grow the business while giving your customers a fast, convenient and hassle-free service. 

Our dedicated park homes PX team has over 15 years’ experience. We understand the marketplace and the key differences between buying a park home and a new build or existing property.

Contact our PX expert, Rebecca Tait to set up an introductory meet or share details of your client’s property and try us out!