About HBB Solutions

Helping Home Builders and Estate Agents to accelerate Sales and Repair Broken Property Chains

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About HBB Solutions

For New Home Builders, Estate Agents and Retirement Home Builders in the UK

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Who Do We Help?

HBB Solutions is a team of property experts who work with:

We also work with probate specialists and asset managers by providing a simple, guaranteed, quick property sale at a competitive price.  

How Can We Help You?

There are three key ways we help firms sell property:

  1. We step in and buy a property to avoid a chain breaking.
  2. We offer part exchange services to help developers sell new homes and retirement homes.
  3. We provide guaranteed purchase options to probate specialists and asset managers offering a simple, guaranteed and quick way to sell property at a competitive price – even problem properties that aren’t easily sold on the open market.

Get a quick idea of how much we can offer by using our online calculator or speak to one of our team to find out more about partnering with HBB Solutions. 

Why Partner with HBB Solutions?

HBB Solutions is a team of property experts who have been working with housebuilders and estate agents to buy properties since 2011. We provide expert chain repair, guaranteed purchase and house part-exchange services.

We are always looking for new partners to work with and can offer you the following:

  • Funding

We have £40m+ capital available to buy property that we use at our discretion — meaning no delays waiting for 3rd party approval. 

  • Valuation expertise

Our underwriters price thousands of properties every year, all over the country. We can value any property type in any condition, and provide “no obligation” firm offers (subject to legals and survey) within 48 hours of a request.

  • Progression expertise

We work closely with carefully chosen surveyors and conveyancers to offer a quick, professional and reliable property buying service. We can cut through delays and work closely with you to buy properties in weeks, not months.

  • Expertise Selling Problem properties

As we value so many properties, we know how to value and deal with those problem properties you can’t sell – stock with encumbrance issues or leasehold challenges.

  • Personalised service

We work the way you want us to.  For some of our partners, we talk directly to their clients, but for many, we liaise via your Sales Advisor and do our work in the background. We can be as involved as much or as little as you need us to be.

  • Reliable service

We won’t let you down. We’ve never pulled out of a sale or tried to re-negotiate it at the last minute. We have developed a reputation for being easy to work with dealmakers.

  • Marketing support

To help you promote our services to your customers, we have a range of promotional items that we can co-brand, white-label or customise to your needs.

A Partner You Can Trust

We are well-funded (facility of £40m+) and buy hundreds of properties every year. We are a trading style of HBB Relocation Services Ltd, and you can find out more about the company on Companies House or Endole.

Get in Touch

Suppose you’re searching for a way to make your business more profitable by accelerating your new home sales, or repairing broken chains without tying up your own time and capital, or just curious about something you read in new build forums. In that case, HBB Solutions is the perfect place to start. 

There are no contracts to sign, set-up costs, or complex onboarding.  If you have a property that you want us to make an offer on, then send us the details, and we can get started immediately.    

HBB Solutions has a glowing reputation for being straightforward, trustworthy and easy to deal with, and we continue to work to uphold the reputation we’ve earned. Get in touch today.  

Meet the HBB Solutions Team

We are a team of property professionals w from diverse and complementary backgrounds. Three things that unite us are our passion for property, customer service and getting deals done. If you want to contact one of the team, use the details below:

Chris Hodgkinson

Managing Director

email Chris

T: 01509 680061
M: 07966 017 717

Rachel Jardine

Client Services Manager

email Rachel

T: 01509 648677
M: 07368 961265

Rebecca Tait

Rebecca Tait

Head of Sales

email Rebecca

T: 01509 680063
M: 07879 418 264

Our Mission

Here at HBB Solutions, we’re committed to delivering dependable results that will bring you peace of mind. We offer property solutions to help you and your customers meet deadlines and keep building plans moving forward. We also believe in keeping this process as simple as possible so that you can be free to focus on more important tasks.

We strive to be as transparent as possible, as transparency is key when planning a budget for UK housebuilding. That’s why we invite you to get in touch with us directly to find out more about our team and what we do. We’re easy to contact via email, and we’ll return your call right away when you ring us on 01509 680065. You can also connect with us on LinkedIn to keep up with our latest news.