How We Work With Retirement Home Providers

Partnering with HBB Solutions, the part-exchange (PX) specialist, will remove the hassle and cost of managing an in-house PX scheme and deliver an exceptional buying experience for your customers.

We understand your need as a retirement-home provider to nurture customers throughout the buying process, no matter how long that may take. HBB Solutions has 10 years of experience purchasing properties to complete housing chains and funding part exchange — we have worked with some of the biggest retirement-home providers in the UK. By working with us, you can provide a streamlined buying process that attracts new customers and nurtures existing ones. Our team of experts will manage the entire process, leaving you to focus on what you do best — building and selling exceptional retirement properties. 

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Can We Help You?

We work with some of the biggest retirement-homes providers — Churchill, McCarthy & Stone, Retirement Home Search and many others. We also love to hear from smaller care-home builders. 

Our team of property experts will listen to your needs and create a tailored service that will help you achieve your business goals. 

How We Help Retirement-Home Providers

Our extensive experience working with a wide range of retirement-home providers allows us to offer a specialist property part-exchange service that caters for your target audience. We will work with you to support customers from the initial enquiry through to purchase — whether that takes months or years. HBB Solutions is a brand you can trust. We have built long-standing relationships with retirement-home providers throughout the UK.

Remove the cost, hassle and time of buying and reselling stock via in-house PX by partnering with HBB Solutions. We have a reputation for being pragmatic, responsive and fast deal makers, and we take the time to build long-lasting relationships with our partners. We can help you sell more retirement properties more quickly while saving time and removing the risk involved in purchasing your buyers’ homes directly.

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Benefits for Your Customer

Moving into a retirement property is a significant lifestyle choice, one that takes time to realise. Many of your customers may be unaware of PX schemes or unsure about how they can part-exchange their house to fund a retirement home. We can explain how it works, what we offer and what the benefits are.

  • A guaranteed, risk-free sale — avoid property-chain problems and failed sales.
  • Hassle-free — your customer can sell their home and buy a new retirement property in one simple transaction.
  • Speed — we have the funds to buy your customer’s property fast, allowing them to avoid a long and stressful sales process on the open market.
  • Flexibility — we buy all types of property in any condition or location in England and Wales.
  • Save money — there are no estate-agency fees to pay.
  • Convenience — your customer can move in a time-scale that suits them. We can also grant them a “license to occupy” their current property for up to two weeks after completion, allowing them greater flexibility.

Benefits for Your Business

  • A risk-free sale — we will purchase your customer’s existing home, providing you with a chain-free buyer for your retirement home..
  • A faster sales process — no need to wait for your customer to sell their current property. We can release money on the exchange of contracts (up to 10%), which can help fund the deposit of the new build. 
  • A managed service — we will nurture your customer throughout the buying experience, removing the hassle, cost and time of in-house PX.
  • No upfront fees — there’s no cost to you for offering customers this service.
  • No risk to your balance sheet — as we are the buyer (rather than you, the retirement-home provider), there are no issues with any “pricing differentials” between the existing property being sold and the new one being bought.
  • Certainty — we will provide all the information you need to agree on a deal with the customer, and we will be transparent about how much we’ll offer and when we will complete.
  • Attract and retain prospective buyers — offering PX gives you a competitive advantage and adds value for your customers. Our team will provide support throughout the buying process, whether it takes months or years, ensuring that customers stay with you from the initial enquiry to completion of the transaction.
  • Keep your capital working for you — rather than tying it up in buying and selling housing stock.
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How It Works

  • Contact us — we will collect details about your customer and the property they have to sell.
  • Research and offer — our team of property experts will conduct desktop research and submit an offer (subject to legals and survey), usually within 24-48 hours.
  • Agree on timescales and instruct lawyers — if your customer is interested in proceeding with our offer, we will agree on timescales with them and then instruct lawyers and book a survey (if one is needed).
  • Final offer — we will share our final offer with the customer, proceed to exchange (at which point, we can release up to 10% of funds) and then complete in the agreed timescale.

Take The First Step

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Why Choose HBB Solutions?

Avoid the hassle, time and cost of managing PX in-house — partner with HBB Solutions instead. Let us guide your customer through the buying process while you focus on building and selling new retirement homes (rather than buying existing ones). 

HBB Solutions has 20 years of experience in the property industry, and we work with some of the biggest retirement-homes providers in the UK. Our specialist knowledge and experience allow us to provide a tailored service that meets the individual needs of your business and its customers. We will work with you to nurture your customer from the initial enquiry to completion of the transaction.

Request a free consultation today to find out more about how we can help you to sell more retirement homes more quickly.