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Attract new business and avoid property-chain problems with HBB Solutions’ chain-repair and part-exchange (PX) schemes. If your customer’s chain breaks, our chain-repair service can keep things moving and prevent a lost sale. Both you and your customer can avoid the hassle and expense of house-chain problems, meaning a faster sales process, no lost commission and exceptional customer service.

If your customer is buying a new-build property, including retirement homes and park homes, PX allows them to progress with their new purchase without having to wait for their current property to sell. Providing a part-exchange service allows you, the estate agent, to attract more customers and keep sales moving when a homeowner is struggling to sell their existing property. Offering PX will also help you to win instructions from new-home developers — a competitive and lucrative area of the market.

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Win New Instructions from Developers

Partnering with us to offer Part Exchange services will give your agency a competitive USP when talking to house builders and developers about selling their new stock.  We can work with you to help you position our part exchange service to the developer and win their instruction. 

There are lots of positive reasons why working with an outsourced specialist like HBB Solutions is good for their developer, their customer and you the agent.  Get in touch today to find out more.  

Speed Up the Sales Process

The average time to sell a house in the UK is more than four months. Due to a backlog of house sales caused by the coronavirus-induced freeze on property transactions, it could take even longer to exchange and complete in the coming months. Part exchange can help you to speed up the sales process for your customer — they won’t lose their dream home because of property-chain problems or failed sales, and you can close the deal faster.

Our chain-repair service shortens the average property-chain length by removing non-essential third parties from the sales process, saving you time and mitigating the risk of broken chains, which can lead to delays, failed sales and added expenses. If your vendor’s chain breaks, HBB Solutions can step in quickly and buy any problem property in the chain so you won’t lose the sale and have to start again. House sellers in the UK lose more than £600m a year in failed sales. If a chain breaks, the seller incurs an average of £2,700 in irrecoverable costs — solicitor’s fees, survey costs etc.

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Secure a Guaranteed Sale for Your Customers

Our part-exchange and chain-repair services give you and your customer the peace of mind of a guaranteed sale — there is zero risk for either of you. Avoid a break in the property chain by helping your customer to sell their existing home and purchase a new one in a single transaction. We also offer a guaranteed-purchase service that allows your clients to sell their properties with confidence, certainty and speed. We will give you a period of exclusivity to sell any property we buy from your introduction, this means two opportunities to earn from one sale! — an introduction fee for using HBB Solution’s chain repair service and a sale fee for selling the property we have purchased.

Win Instructions from New-Home Developers

Marketing new-build developments is extremely lucrative for estate agencies, but winning instructions with developers is highly competitive. By developing strong relationships with local developers, your agency’s land and the new-homes department will be in a prime position to list their new builds when they come to market. Partnering with a specialist part-exchange company that can help you promote the developer’s new properties will make your business an attractive prospect and give you a competitive advantage over agencies that do not provide this service.

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Benefits for Your Customer

Contact us to find out more about the different services we offer — guaranteed purchase, part exchange and chain repair. We can help you to deliver an exceptional customer experience including:

  • A guaranteed sale.
  • No property-chain problems.
  • Zero risk of a failed sale (and associated costs).
  • A faster sales process.
  • Sell and buy in one hassle-free transaction (PX/chain repair).
  • Release funds to purchase a dream home.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Avoid lost sales (and commissions) caused by property-chain problems.
  • Increase your value as an estate agent.
  • A faster sales process.
  • Attract new customers who need to sell before they buy.
  • Boost your business’ reputation, improve your proposition and win more instructions by offering your clients an upfront “plan B” — if the chain collapses, they can opt for a guaranteed sale from a professional property buyer.
  • We will guide your customer through the process — there’s no time or hassle for you.

Speak to one of our property experts about your specific requirements, or read through our FAQs here

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How Part Exchange and Chain Repair Work

Chain Repair — If you spot the risk of a chain break, HBB Solutions can step in quickly and buy any property in the chain via our chain-repair service. We will make an offer within 24 to 48 hours and buy within seven days. The offer will be below market value, but there is always the option to try and share this discount along the chain. Both you and your customer avoid the stress, hassle and cost of a failed sale.

Part-Exchange — When you partner with HBB Solutions, we will work with you and the developer. Any properties we buy via the developer will be listed with your agency for resale giving you the opportunity to earn a fee from both the new-build sale and the resale of the customer’s current property (purchased by us). 

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your needs and the services we provide.

Why Partner with Us?

HBB Solutions is a team of property experts with 10 years of experience offering specialist part-exchange and chain-repair services. Our services help estate agents to recover and complete housing chains, making their businesses more profitable.

Don’t let property-chain problems result in a lost sale and all the stress, hassle and expense that goes with it. Take the first step to faster and more profitable business by requesting a free consultation with HBB Solutions’ chain-repair specialists today. We will help you overcome problems and get the deal done.