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A Guide to Customer Experience for Homebuilders

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Homebuilders operate in a hyper-competitive market, and their success is dependent upon the delivery of exceptional quality and customer service.

With the impact of coronavirus crushing many businesses, property developers and housebuilders need to go the extra mile to deliver an exceptional customer experience that gives them the competitive edge. Buying a home is the biggest financial commitment many consumers will ever make. Your customers need to have confidence in your brand and feel reassured that you can deliver a smooth and hassle-free sales process. 

What Is Customer Experience?

Customer experience (CX) is your customer’s perception of your brand as a whole — throughout the entire buyer’s journey. Every interaction a customer has with your business contributes to their CX, from browsing your website to buying and living in one of your homes.

Why Is Customer Experience So Important?

Positive customer experience can boost your brand’s reputation and increase sales. 

Five-star customer reviews have the power to transform a business from a no-name startup to a household name. Likewise, poor reviews can result in a dip in sales and send profits plummeting. A strong brand reputation will give potential customers the confidence to make the decision to buy, and stellar customer experience will make them more likely to send promising referrals your way. All of which means a much healthier bottom line.

Customer experience may not be the driving force behind a purchase decision — high-quality properties will always be the primary consideration — but it can tip the scales in the choice between you and a competitor. 

Customer Experience Tips for Homebuilders

Embed Customer Experience in Your Development Plans:

You could create the most visually-stunning and architecturally innovative properties, but if the designs do not take customer experience into account, they’re likely to miss the mark with buyers.

CX does not relate solely to the sales process but also how people will live in and experience your homes. It should therefore be a fundamental element of development plans from day one. Does the layout take into account the practical realities of day-to-day living? Consider your ideal buyer when deciding where to position rooms, power sockets and lighting. 

Make Use of Advanced Technology:

Off-plan properties can be a hard sell. How can a potential buyer fall in love with one of your homes if they can’t imagine themselves living there? 

Take advantage of virtual and augmented reality (AR) technologies to offer virtual tours that let your customers “walk through” your properties before they’re fully built. AR can also be used to enhance marketing materials such as flyers, packaging and website content. 

Eradicate Unnecessary Frustrations:

Buyers often experience uncertainty and stress when buying from a developer due to miscommunications and delays that could often be avoided.

For example, sales teams may guess the charges for management and maintenance because the properties are still being built, and they do not have access to detailed figures. This can result in disappointed and angry buyers when prices leap ahead of expectation further along the sales process. If CX is put at the heart of every planning decision, this frustration can be avoided. Developers can calculate figures as accurately as possible and prepare their customers for minor alterations to the final price.

Make Exceptional Customer Experience Your Unique Service Proposition (USP)

Many housing developments are highly comparable in terms of quality and even style. CX provides housebuilders with an opportunity to add value and create a unique offer that gives them a competitive advantage.

Of course, the properties are the star of the show, but be sure to include details of added value, such as part-exchange schemes and chain repair services, in your marketing material.

Invest in a Powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System:

Everyone in your company should have easy access to the information they need when they need it. Never is this more important than when a customer or potential customer reaches out for information or support. 

A CRM system helps businesses to organise all the data they have about a customer, regardless of what platform they used to get in touch or which member of staff handled the enquiry. This is crucial for a positive CX as it prevents the customer from having to repeat their queries or comments multiple times, which is not only time-consuming and frustrating but sends the message that the company doesn’t value them. 

In the current “Age of the Customer”, consumers have more information and power than ever before — they expect exceptional experiences from brands. Homebuilders must deliver outstanding customer experience to consolidate their position in a market where the product and process are becoming increasingly standardised, and few have a true USP to offer.

Investing time and money in customer experience will increase the reputation and profitability of your brand. The return on investment of customer experience could transform your business.

Add value to your offering with our specialist part-exchange, guaranteed purchase and chain repair services. We can help you offer exceptional customer experience, speed up property sales and boost profits. Request a free consultation today.