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Top 8 Marketing Ideas for Home Builders

A home builder could create a stunning, high-specification development that would make any buyer happy. But if they don’t market their properties well, they’ll struggle to meet targets and project deadlines.

Selling new-build properties can be a challenge. How do you effectively market a house that doesn’t exist yet? The ideal scenario for any housebuilder is to have every property in a development sold off-plan. However, some buyers are wary of committing to a purchase before seeing the final product.

In this guide, the team of property experts at HBB Solutions have put together our top eight marketing ideas for home builders to help you sell more, quicker.

1. Highlight the Benefits of New-Builds

This point may sound obvious, but many buyers are unaware of the benefits of buying a new-build home, compared to a lived-in property and far too few home builders market these advantages effectively.

According to the “Insights Into New Homes Buyers 2018” report by Zoopla, the most prized benefits of new-build homes include:

  • Cost-effective and easy to maintain
  • Lower running costs due to modern efficiencies lacking in many traditional properties
  • Easier to sell
  • Customisable furnishings and fittings — the house is just as you want it from the moment you walk in
  • The sales process involves less red-tape
  • Help-to-Buy schemes that are available to make new-builds accessible to first-time buyers — whereas traditional homes may be out of reach
  • “Green Mortgages” on new-builds built with eco-friendly credentials are easier to obtain and more affordable

Make sure these benefits are highlighted front and centre in your marketing content.

2. Create a Brand for Your Development

One of the first steps towards a successful property development is to define the target market and develop a strong brand. A retirement village will require a very different marketing approach to a development aimed at young families. Choose a development name that resonates with the market. Share details to entice and attract the target buyer, such as generous gardens for families or the availability of one story properties for retired buyers. Don’t focus solely on the development — include details of local amenities such as access to transport links for young professionals. Avoid trying to appeal to everyone. Pick a target market and stick to it.

Make sure your tone of voice, branding and imagery is consistent across all marketing platforms — from the company website and its social media accounts to brochures and marketing emails.

3. Use Technology to Help People Visualise Their New Home

One of the major stumbling blocks home builders often face is that buyers are reluctant to buy off-plan because they want to see their home before committing to a purchase.

Make use of the technology available to help people visualise a property before it is built. Computer Generated Images (CGI) can be created using architectural plans to provide a realistic impression of how a home will look when finished. Potential buyers can even conduct a “walk-through” of their new home and see how different fixtures and fittings might look. This is a great way to sell not just a home but a lifestyle.

4. Offer a Range of Financing Options

The range of financing options available to buyers for new-build homes is one of their great advantages. The government’s Help-To-Buy scheme is only available to first-time buyers who are purchasing a new-build property worth less than £600,000. This opens up a whole pool of potential buyers exclusively available to new-build developers.

As a home builder, you can offer customers further financial assistance, giving you access to an even broader group of potential buyers. By partnering with a company of property experts such as HBB Solutions, you can offer part exchange (PX) funding for customers who are keen to buy one of your properties but unable to move until their current home sells. There is zero risk for you or your buyer. Include details of the PX scheme available in your on and offline marketing content to increase your value as a developer and attract more buyers.

5. Be Proactive with Online Marketing

Most people start their property search online, so a well-optimised website is essential for any home builder or property developer. Make sure that when key search terms such as “new build developments near me” are entered into a search engine, your company page pops up near the top of the list. If you’re not an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) whizz, it’s worth employing someone who is.

Online marketing isn’t just about the company website. Establishing a presence on social media platforms can deliver a healthy ROI (Return on Investment). There’s no need to set up accounts on every platform. Identify those used by your target market and post helpful and relevant content. It’s important to contribute regularly and respond to any visitors who engage with your content.

Finally, consider advertising on popular websites. Almost half of the population has used a property search website, such as Right Move in the last year. If your homes aren’t listed, you’re missing out on a huge audience of potential buyers.

6. Keep Interested Customers Updated

Buying a new house is one of the biggest financial commitments many of us will ever make. New-builds attract a high percentage of first-time buyers, who will be inevitably cautious about taking their first step on the property ladder.

Adding potential buyers to a mailing list and setting up an email newsletter is a great way to hold peoples’ interests and keep them up-to-date as the development progresses. You can also use this newsletter to emphasise the benefits of buying a new-build and provide details of promotions and finance schemes, such as part-exchange. Any one of these details could be the final factor that turns a potential buyer into a customer.

7. Share Helpful Content

In the eyes of many marketers, “content is king”. Writing high-quality content that is relevant and useful to your audience can drive a huge amount of traffic to the company site, boost your brand and even (indirectly) increase sales. Compared to advertising, such as online PPC (Pay Per Click), content marketing is relatively low-cost, yet the ROI can be considerable.

The best content is not a direct sell but educational. It provides readers with the information they need to solve a particular problem. For example, a home builder might add a blog titled “How to Move House Without the Hassle of Selling”. The content may include a reference to the advantages of part-exchange when buying a new-build home — but seeks to answer a common question rather than directly pitch the new property development. Content alone is unlikely to lead to a high volume of sales, but it can nudge a potential buyer in the right direction, build brand awareness and improve your SEO.

8. Showcase the Development Site

Digital marketing is essential for success, but some of the traditional marketing methods are still capable of reaping considerable rewards in terms of brand exposure and sales.

High-quality site signage is essential for attracting local buyers and making the community aware of the new development. Use hoardings, banners and site boards to keep people up-to-date with progress. Signs stating the number of plots remaining or the completion date for the project can create a sense of curiosity and urgency that will bring people through the door.

Making your property development stand out from the competition is key to success. Building homes of exceptional quality is only half of the battle. Offering extra value, such as high-quality content, CGI images of houses and a choice of finance schemes will make your development more attractive to buyers. Effectively marketing these offers will establish trust in your brand and help to boost sales.

Why not contact our team of property experts to discuss how we can help you sell more houses fast? Contact us to learn how our PX scheme can increase your value as a developer for potential home buyers.