part exchange house how does it work

How Does Part-Exchange Housing Work?

Are you tired of seeing your customers getting caught up in a slow-moving chain or experience the disappointment of chain collapse? Are you a builder, developer or estate agent looking to offer your clients the convenience of a part-exchange but are anxious about the levels of risk or cost of part-exchanging? Are you struggling to come up with a hassle-free transition that will keep your clients happy and your business growing? HBB Solutions has you covered.

We are specialist part-exchange providers and are here to help facilitate the entire part-exchange process throughout your next direct property purchase. Whether you’re a housebuilder or estate agent, we can help you to sell more homes and eliminate any risk and uncertainty that could occur in the part-exchange process.

In this post, we break down how part-exchange housing works and why it may be the best choice for you!

What is Part-Exchange?

Part-exchange is an increasingly popular option for homeowners looking to purchase a new property and sell their previous property. It is a process through which a homeowner can trade their existing home when buying a new property. Think of it as a case of killing two birds with one stone — you choose your next property and offset the value of the previous house against the cost of the new one.
Ever since the housing market boom, part-exchanging has been on the rise, with homeowners eager to be free themselves of the shackles of slow-moving chains and avoid high fees. Even in the current subdued property market, homeowners are still eager to part-exchange. So if you’re looking to build your business and expand your portfolio, offering part-exchange within your services is the savvy option.

How Does Part-Exchange Work?

Although house part-exchange is a smart move for anyone looking to sell their house, the process can be a little confusing. More than a few homeowners, builders and estate agents have been put off by the process — not to mention the potential risks and costs that can come with it. But that’s where we come in — with HBB Solutions, part-exchanging is as simple as A, B, C.

A. The Offer Request Form

The first step is the offer request form, which one of our sales team will send over to you. This simple form will take you through some basic questions about the property, including the location and expected value. You will need to fill this out and send it back to us,

B. Valuation of the Property and Offer

Once we have received the form, we will order a valuation of the property. The valuation is relatively quick and easy to complete, but our staff will be on hand to help if you have any questions or reservations concerning our assessment.

With HBB Solutions, there’s no waiting around or time for wringing hands. We’ll send you an offer within 24 hours of receiving your valuation. If our offer is accepted, we’ll send an Offer Acceptance Form.

C. Agree on a Date for the Sale

Once we’ve received your Offer Acceptance Form there’s only one thing left to do — set the date of sale. We can do this together and then you can rest assured, we’ll take care of everything else. No more paperwork, no more insecurity, no more risks — HBB Solutions has you covered!

What Are the Benefits of Part-Exchange?

Benefits of Part-Exchange for Homeowners

Part-exchange is a hassle-free, stress-free, and risk-free investment that guarantees a sale on your client’s property. So, it’s not difficult to see why part-exchange is such a seductive option for homeowners.

Part-exchange speeds up their buying and selling process and reduces the risk of a buyer pulling out. It also often has hefty financial benefits. A flexible part-exchange scheme can also help homeowners to move with confidence without having to go through the sometimes lengthy, complex process of trying to sell their property. Not to mention the fact it’s a great option for customers who can’t afford to purchase a new house until they sell their current property.

Benefits of Part-Exchange for Builders, Developers and Agents

For builders, developers and agents, the key benefit of part-exchange is the impact it has on your business growth. Offering part-exchange attracts more house buyers to your services and helps you to stay ahead of the competition. After all, part-exchange is still a popular service, but not all agents and builders can offer it. If you can, you’re one step ahead of the crowd.

Part-exchange also allows you to increase your rate of sale and avoid the risk of debt by facilitating an early exit and lower overhead costs.

What Are the Downsides of Part-Exchange?

There are undeniably a lot of benefits to part-exchange, but that’s not to say it doesn’t come with a few risks. Firstly, there is the possibility you could get less return on your existing property than you would if you sold the house through traditional means. You also may find you can’t negotiate a significant discount on the new home.

Also, not all houses are eligible for part-exchange, for example, if the house has structural defects, build or repair issues or is a leasehold flat with a short lease. So, it may not always be the best option for homeowners looking to sell.

part exchange house how does it work
Why Part-Exchange with HBB Solutions?

There are innumerable benefits of undertaking a part-exchange with HBB solutions for retirement home builders, volume builders and smaller home builders as well as new home agents. It couldn’t be a smoother or more time-efficient experience. Any fears of losing money or getting caught up in a bad deal melt away when you opt to part-exchange with HBB Solutions as a third party member.

Benefits of Part-Exchange for Builders and Estate Agents

The primary benefit of part-exchange is there’s zero risk for you and your buyer, but that’s only scraping the surface. Part-exchange helps you to increase your value as a developer for potential home buyers so you can grow your business and expand your portfolio. And the best part? With HBB solutions, we take care of everything so you can direct your time and energy to the part of your business you’re really passionate about.

With HBB Solutions, you can rest assured that the sale of the old property is completely under control with no risk of the sale falling through. Part-exchange financing can also help to keep your funds free, so they aren’t tied up in managing stocks and with our commitment to providing commission-free and zero estate agency fees, it’s an easy choice to make.

We are also pleased to offer market-leading rates for part-exchange, typically paying 90-92% of the market value for houses — a lot more than our competitors are willing to pay! And if you’re an estate agent, we will give you exclusive rights to market the house as soon as it’s on the market.

We buy properties all over England and Wales and are flexible in our choice of house. No need to worry about price differentials when you opt for part-exchange from HBB solution. We purchase a range of properties — even if your client is downsizing to a smaller house of lesser value or retirement home.

Do you want to build your property portfolio, grow your client base, and develop your business without hassle or risk? Speak to our dedicated sales team today and find out more about how HBB Solutions can help you with part-exchange.