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How Can You Guarantee a Quick House Sale?

Selling a house, whether it’s for yourself or a client, can often be a drawn-out and stressful affair that doesn’t always lead to a guaranteed sale. Fortunately, a quick house sale can help!

There are many different things to consider and hurdles to jump over when it comes to selling a house, which is why it tends to be a lengthy process that can prove to be very stressful for sellers. If you are looking to sell a property quickly or simply want the security of a guaranteed sale, we’ll show you how it’s possible in this post.

What Is Guaranteed Purchase?

Well, as you can guess from the name, a guaranteed purchase service ensures that — following a professional valuation and quote — you can sell a property as quickly as possible and avoid many of the hassles that come with the housing market. If you have a client who is struggling to sell a property or requires a sale within a short period, a quick house sale is hugely beneficial for getting a guaranteed offer (regardless of the property’s condition) and ensuring time and money are saved in the process.

How Does a Quick House Sale Work?

Every quick house sale or “guaranteed purchase” begins with a FREE consultation and an Offer Request Form, which we will send for you to fill in on behalf of your client. From here, we aim to carry out a thorough valuation of the property as soon as possible and then provide a quote within 24 hours. If your client decides to accept our offer, we will send an Offer Acceptance Form. This house sale process is highly efficient and quick, providing a quick turnaround and a completion date that suits the needs of your client. For example, if your client is currently working on their new property and it requires a little bit of time before they can move in — they can delay completion for up to two weeks! No hassle, no pressure and no stress.

Another crucial benefit of guaranteed purchase is it avoids broken property chains. A buyer who stalls or backs out of a sale is not only frustrating but will also cost you. A quick house sale with guaranteed purchase eliminates these frustrations and avoids scenarios where you could lose money. Also, if you want to speed things along a bit, you could consider part-exchange.

Offer Part Exchange (PX) to Speed Things Along

If a potential buyer is eager to purchase your property, but can only do so when they sell their current house, offering a part-exchange (PX) can speed things up significantly. With HBB Solutions’ part-exchange scheme, there is absolutely no risk for you and the buyer. A guaranteed sale can be concluded within as little as a month, which not only makes the entire sales process quicker but also allows you to achieve project goals and deadlines. Also, as a more budget-friendly solution, PX schemes attract a broader range of buyers to your development.

Why Choose HBB Solutions?

Selling a property is a complex process with the potential to make a lot of money — but you could also lose it if you make the wrong decisions along the way. It’s for this reason that it’s essential to work with a company you can trust and rely on when it comes to services such as those mentioned above. At HBB Solutions, our team consists of vastly-experienced property specialists with the funds to purchase properties all over England, Wales and Scotland.

Every year, we purchase hundreds of properties and work closely with many renowned companies across a range of sectors such as:

  • New house building
  • Estate agencies
  • Asset management
  • Retirement home building

Our team specialises in the purchase of properties to recover and complete housing chains as well as funding part-exchange (PX) for property transitions.

Are you eager to sell a property and want to know more about the possibilities of a guaranteed purchase quick house sale? Get in touch today to discuss your needs with our team and schedule a FREE consultation.