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Chain Repair Tips for Estate Agents

Chain Repair

The property market received a boost early in the year as the so-called “Boris Bounce” led to an increase in buyer confidence and predictions of a stronger housing market in 2020. But in March, coronavirus began to spread and the government put the brakes on the housing market.

As businesses emerged from “lockdown” in recent months, house sales have picked up rapidly. However, industry insiders predict a downturn in sales in the final quarter of the year. Unemployment and financial uncertainty could lead to broken house chains as buyers are forced to withdraw from sales they cannot afford. Chain repair can help estate agents avoid losing sales and remain prosperous.  

How to Avoid Property Chain Problems and How to Use Chain Repair to Avoid Lost Sales

In the hyper-competitive property industry, estate agents need to stand out and offer prospective clients added value to maintain their edge. Now more than ever, customers need to be given incentives and reassurance to make their move.  

Partner with a Part-Exchange (PX) Specialist

If your client has their heart set on a park home or new build property, a part-exchange scheme will allow them to sell their current home and buy from the developer in one smooth transaction — avoiding a property chain altogether. You keep your sale (and commission!), and the client enjoys a hassle-free, predictable housing transition experience.

Many homeowners are unaware of PX schemes or don’t realise that they might be eligible to apply. Partner with a part-exchange specialist that can explain the benefits and facilitate the process for you. PX is a great solution for the homeowner that needs to sell quickly to secure their dream home, and you can use the scheme for chain repair or trade downs to avoid losing multiple sales if problems arise.

Request a free consultation with an HBB Solution Part exchange specialist today. There’s zero risk for you or the buyer, and you will increase your value as an estate agent by helping clients avoid a broken house chain.

Build Strong Relationships with Your Clients

Successful estate agents are quick to spot potential problems and proactive about identifying solutions.

Building a strong relationship with your clients will aid communication and encourage them to be open with you about any changes in their circumstances. If any problems do arise, you may be able to refer them to a contact or partner that can help with their problem — a mortgage lender, for example.

Outsource Property Chain Repair Services

Chain repair shortens the average property chain length, removing non-essential third parties from the sale process to save you time and to mitigate the risk of broken chains, delays and added expenses. The sale of your customer’s property no longer depends on someone else selling theirs.

Outsourcing to a specialist chain repair service provider ensures that there won’t be an issue of insufficient funds, and you can provide a superior selling and buying experience for your customers.

HBB Solutions can handle the entire process for you and your customer. Once we’ve received your customer’s information, we’ll value their property and send you an offer to share with them. If they accept, they can sell their home without being further delayed by the property chain, and they can proceed with purchasing the new property. 

Take the first step and contact us today.

Secure a Guaranteed Sale for Your Clients

If your customer is struggling to sell their property, they can secure a fast, guaranteed sale from a cash buyer to avoid losing their dream home.

Our Guaranteed Purchase scheme allows you to sell your client’s property with confidence, certainty and speed. We will make a fair market value offer within 24-hours of valuing the property, saving you and your customer time and money. We have the funds ready to purchase property, eliminating unnecessary links in the property chain

By providing a quick, straightforward chain repair solution, estate agents can add value to their service and stay ahead of the competition. Many people will need to move, regardless of the state of the economy — make sure they choose to work with you by removing the hassle and stress of house chains.

Contact our team of experts today to discuss your requirements. We can talk you through our chain repair, guaranteed purchase, and part-exchange services and help you find the perfect solution for your customers.