strategies to sell a house quickly

4 Creative Home Selling Strategies

Selling your home and beginning a new chapter of your life is an exciting time, but it’s rarely a quick and straightforward process. Fortunately for you, we have some strategies to sell a house quickly!

When it comes to selling a property, whether it’s yours or that of a client, it’s not uncommon to experience difficulties and delays. Whether you’re struggling to find a buyer or are looking to complete the sale within a quicker time frame, there are several creative home selling strategies you can adopt to suit your needs.

1. Utilise Social Media

Social media is, without a doubt, the most powerful marketing tool available to modern businesses — and it just so happens to be free, so you can achieve fantastic results with maximum profit. Not only this but with multiple social media channels out there — each with a broad and diverse audience — you will massively increase your chances of finding a suitable buyer by using the most popular ones. The most notable are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but many people use Pinterest as it’s an ideal platform to provide in-depth descriptions and high-quality images of your property.

2. Take Advantage of Technology

Throughout the digital age, we have been fortunate enough to enjoy a vast array of technology daily. With this in mind, technology creates a unique and creative opportunity for exciting home selling strategies. Good examples are video and CGI (computer graphic imagery) tours of a property, as these will appeal to buyers who are keen to purchase a property but unable to attend a viewing — or help home builders sell properties that are yet to be built. In regards to photography, it’s crucial to ensure a high standard when it comes to the quality and aesthetic of the property images.

First impressions are crucial, so you’ll decrease your chances of success if your images are underwhelming. Also, aerial photography with drones has been popular in recent years as it offers an ideal method of showing the size and shape of larger plots of land.

3. Speed up Your Sale with Part-Exchange (PX)

The majority of the time when people look to sell a property, they opt for conventional methods of sale and deal with the hassle that can come with the housing market. If you have a potential buyer who is keen to purchase a property, but can only do so once their current home has sold — offering part-exchange (PX) is an ideal way to achieve this and significantly speed up the sale. With part-exchange, the sale of the property can be concluded in as little as a month and provide you and your client with a swift and hassle-free experience. Part-exchange not only relieves you of the stressful aspects of selling a house but also avoids additional costs of the housing market.

4. Guaranteed Purchase

Another home selling strategy that can save you time and money is a guaranteed purchase. This is where your client — following a valuation of their property and acceptance of our quote — has the peace of mind from knowing they are guaranteed to receive a cash offer for their home. A guaranteed purchase significantly reduces the time, effort and cost of waiting to find the right buyer on the housing market, and also provides you with a sales window that suits your needs.

As home selling strategies go, a guaranteed purchase is one of the quickest and most effective ways of avoiding disappointment, uncertainty and costly delays that often occur during conventional property transactions. Also, with the knowledge that a property has a confirmed buyer, your clients have more time to attend to the other crucial aspects of moving house.

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