HBB Solutions is a trading style of HBB Relocation Services Ltd.  You can find out more about us via Companies House or Endole.  We're a team of property experts who buy hundreds of properties every year.  We have the funding in place to buy virtually any property anywhere in England and Wales.  

We work with some of the biggest names across the new house building, estate agency, retirement home building and asset management sectors.  We are proud of our reputation for being straightforward and easy to deal with.  But don't take our word for it, hear it from some of our partners:


Mark Platt, Divisional Managing Director, The New Homes Group says HBB are...

"Proactive, deal makers, responsive, deliver to tight deadlines, react with a sense of urgency, and make sensible offers"


Neil Knight, Business Development Director, Spicerhaart, says HBB are...

"Fair, realistic, look for solutions, build trust and relationships, are a long and reliable standing partner"


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