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How to Sell Properties Quickly

If you’re a property developer selling properties quickly is crucial if you want to turn a profit. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some top tips for marketing properties effectively and for keeping a sale moving towards completion when problems and delays occur. Properties that sell quickly are good news for the developer, the estate agent and the clients.

Brand Property Towards the Target Market

Whether you’re selling one or 100 properties, create a strong brand for the development that will speak to the target audience. Consider the name of the development and the different types of property available. A brand that appeals to affluent young professionals in the city may not work so well for homes aimed at families in suburbia.

Investing in marketing may feel like giving away a slice of the profit, but there is unlikely to be any sales or profit without it. Hire experienced graphic designers, copywriters and printers to produce high-quality marketing literature that showcases the USP (Unique Service Proposition) of the brand and the development.

Offer a Part-Exchange Scheme to Speed up Sales

If you have a keen buyer who cannot buy your new-build house until they sell their current property, consider offering a part-exchange (PX) scheme. With an HBB Solutions PX scheme, there is zero risk for you or the buyer. A guaranteed sale — potentially completed within a month — will speed up the sales process and help you to meet project milestones. Offering PX will also attract more potential buyers to your development.

Take the first step to setting up a PX scheme by filling out our short online form.

Think Beyond the Property when Advertising

Buying a property is one of the most significant financial commitments most people make in their lifetime. The majority of buyers purchase with the intention of stay put for at least several years, so everything must be just right.

When advertising properties, consider the lifestyle of the target market and be sure to include details of local amenities in your marketing literature. Does the area have efficient transport links for commuters? Are there good schools nearby — and plenty of green spaces and play facilities for children? Sell a lifestyle, not just the property.

Overcome Broken Chains with a Guaranteed Purchase

It can be frustrating and costly if a buyer stalls on purchasing a house you have built due to a broken property chain. Offering part-exchange to help a buyer who is struggling to sell their property is one way to speed up the sales process.

Additionally, HBB Solutions offers Guaranteed Purchases and Chain Repair.

Make Use of Technology

Developers have a wealth of technology at their hands to help them sell properties quickly. It can be daunting for a buyer to commit to purchasing a home they cannot view and that doesn’t even exist yet. Consider using computer-generated images (CGI) to help potential buyers get a real feel for how their home will look. Adding CGI to your brochures and marketing literature will also make your development stand out as high-quality.

fully furnished modern interior designed architect home viewed in 3d
Similarly, 3-D floor plans can bring a yet-to-be-built property to life. Clients can visualise how they might live in a space, where their furniture will fit and which room they might want to sleep in. This technology might just tip the scales in favour of a sale.

Create an Irresistible Offer

It’s a buyer’s market and your potential buyer is highly likely to be comparing your offer to that of a competitor. Make them an offer they can’t refuse. Offer to reduce the price if they buy off-plan or exchange by a certain date. Or add value to your service by offering schemes such as part-exchange to put buyers in a position to commit.

Speed up Your Sales Process Today

A “quick win” in terms of speeding up your sales process is to implement a part-exchange scheme. HBB Solutions has been working with home builders and estate agents since 2011. We specialise in purchasing properties to mend broken house chains and fund part exchange. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you speed up your property sales.